If you have of know of any interesting documents that have affected the Lerner's past, present or future, I want to know about them. Please tell me about them using the comments page or on the forum Thank you.

I have found information on Samuel Lerner passenger records on his voyage to the United States. Click here to open a new window and see these records!

Some of these documents were obtained by Marshall Lerner of California and were scanned by me, others were obtained and scanned by Dr. Harvey Risch of Yale. If the picture looks crooked or is hard to read, that is because that is exactly how the copies of the original documents came to us from the Bronx County court house, I cleaned them up the best I could. :-D

Note:These picture are extremely high quality and very large in size. They may take a while to load, so please be patient.

  The Filing Entry Click on these images to enlarge them
  The Filings Entry Page     
  Certificate Of Arrival Declaration Of Intention Carl Lerner's 1920 Census
  Certificate of Arrival  Declaration Of Intention Carl Lerner's 1920 Census
  First Page of Petition Second Page of Petition Samuel Lerner's 1930 Census
  Petition for Naturalization. Page 1 Petition for Naturalization. Page 2  Samuel Lerner's 1930 Census

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